Our History

Founded in 2016, the Edison Activity Council (EAC) started, like most groups, as a response to unmet needs. 

Edison coaches and student athletes wanted a safe and accessible place to deposit money they raised. The band was growing. The athletic department was undergoing significant turnover, raising concerns about equity in extracurricular opportunities. And Beacons cultural groups needed support. 

Edison families sought to create a formal group that could provide consistency and support in the face of transition and uncertainty. Coaches and advisors wanted a space where they could gather and collaborate with each other and with supporters who valued extracurricular activities. Edison students and families needed a stable group that could advocate on their behalf—at the school and district level. And EVERYONE wanted to provide support so quality extracurricular options could grow at Edison. 

And so, the EAC was born…

Chair: Jenny Rizer

Co-Chairs: Lynnisha Grigsby & George Fischer

Secretary: Jenee Nederloe

Treasurers: Chris Duffrin & Patrick Arneson

Publicity Officers: Jenny Arneson & Amy Hernandez

Edison Liasons: Billy Menz & Lesley Earles

Anyone can join the EAC and any EAC member may become an officer. Officers are elected annually in the month of September and serve one-year terms or until the election of their successors.

For details about EAC membership as well as board and officer duties, refer to the EAC Bylaws.

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