EAC Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2021 Minutes:

Finance Report: General EAC accounts (formerly NE Barbecue and Senior All Night Party) have been consolidated into the General Fund. Chris will look into clubs with low account balances that may not still be active. Chris delivered a $564.00 check to the school today for free homecoming game tickets to students with proof of vaccination. Leslie Earles reported that there was some confusion with students thinking they had to be vaccinated to attend, but that the incentive got students talking about vaccination.

Gov. Walz announced a new program for teens – $200 for teens who get vaccinated, and a drawing for newly vaccinated and already vaccinated teens for a $100,000 scholarship drawing. 5 scholarships will be awarded.

Edison Centennial – 2022 (Mike Icarella, Edison Community Sports Foundation): Ike presented the many event activities that have already been planned for next fall, September 29 – October 2, 2022. They have a good alumni list for classes up through 1990, but need help tracking down more recent graduates. Friday, September 30 there will be a parade, and they are hoping each current class at Edison will make a float. After the football game, there will be a student-written Centennial show.

After discussion, an EAC sub-group of EAC members and student representatives was organized to meet and discuss ways to involve current students and grads since 1990. If you are interested, more members are welcome! The committee will meet in November, after the Telethon.

Tommie Telethon Update: The Telethon is November 13th, 1 to 6 pm in the Edison Auditorium. We need more acts! Any kind of live or video performance, especially seeking broader community acts. A wireless camera is available for acts that perform outside or elsewhere in the school. The fundraising goal is $21,000. Invite your friends and neighbors!

October 29th Dance: Ms. Warne is hoping to have a costumed dance on Friday, October 29th on the plaza outside. The EAC may be needed for help with set-up or chaperones.

Please join us for the next EAC meeting: Nov 15, 6:30 pm in room 104.

October 9, 2021 (Emergency Meeting) Minutes:

Homecoming week was rescheduled for October 11-15 with home football on Thursday night and senior night for volleyball on Friday. Leslie Earles requested a meeting to discuss the EAC helping with free admission for students to the games.

Each school gets only two free games each school year—one was used for the Great Eastside Get-Together and Brett is saving the other for a future Tommies night this winter with a girls’ sport. Student tickets are $2.

Discussion about possible incentives soon settled on asking students to provide proof of vaccination to get in free, given Edison is just coming out of quarantine, and the EAC has an interest in promoting vaccination among students.

Motion to offer free admission to both the football and volleyball games to Edison students who show a COVID vaccination card, or proof of at least one vaccination dose. Free tickets will be tracked, and the EAC will pay the total (amount not to be capped). Principal Warne will run this plan by General Counsel to make sure it is “blessed” for students to provide vaccination proof. If the vaccination proof plan is not acceptable, the backup plan is to pay for all Edison students. Moved by Chris Duffrin, seconded by George Fischer. Motion carried.

August 16, 2021 Minutes:

Volunteers are needed! Wed, Aug 25, 3-6 p.m., Edison will be hosting Mission & Vision on the Plaza. Please reach out directly to Eryn Warne or Christine Sanguinet if you can help.

Yearbooks will be mailed to all families who ordered one. 😊

Friday 9/10 is Edison’s annual Activity Fair 1:35-3:00 Does EAC want a table and if so can anyone man the table at those times? Deadline is 9/3.

The Great Eastside Get-Together is in full swing! This is taking place on the Plaza on Edison’s 1st home football game of the season, Friday 9/3, 5-7 pm. This event replaces the Eastside BBQ. Free food options for students, food trucks, Edison concession stand (free Tommie Trio with a game ticket purchase), cornhole and other fun showcases!! Please come have some food and help build up our community. 😊

The second annual Tommie Telethon  is also in the planning mode. Since we had such overwhelming success last year, we are definitely doing this fun event again. The event will take place Saturday, October 16 (save the date!). This year we hope to raise $21,000!!! If you are interested in helping with the planning committee please let Jenny Rizer or Jenny Arneson know. 

Will the Makers’ Fair take place this Nov? If not, would Makers’ Fair planners be interested in helping with the telethon? If the fair will happen, have dates been determined?

We will be in need of a new EAC secretary as Miss Jenee has graduated out. Please consider stepping into those shoes! Contact the EAC if you’re interested.

Next year is Edison’s 100 year anniversary and we will definitely be working on some pretty amazing things…just planting the seed.

We will be holding in-person EAC meetings this year. Meetings will take place on the usual 3rd Mondays with new time: 6:30. 

Sept 20 @ 6:30 will be our first 2021-22 meeting. Join us on the Edison Plaza with refreshments and snacks!!! Hope to see you there!!

May 17, 2021 Minutes:

In our May meeting, we discussed grants, a possible celebration for 2020 grads, the yearbook photography stipend, Senior Carnival, Blue Gold Banquet, and other end of year odds and ends.

Below is an update of the grant requests for the year. Also below is the balance sheet.

Picnic blankets and jump ropes had been purchased for the outdoor lunch area and could be used during the Senior Carnival. Julie Neitzer-Carr had made the purchase without filling out the grant form. Billy and Chris discussed it over email and decided the funds could be pulled from the Senior All-Night Party budget. A motion was passed to refund the money, with further discussion that it’s always a risk to pay ahead.

Donna Sanders is attempting to coordinate a ceremony or celebration for the 2020 class.It was suggested that an outdoor event could possibly be scheduled for Sun, June 6, which is the day after the Senior Carnival. The tent would still be up, and it could be live streamed easily. There would be some cost, with engineering, gown rental? Food? Other? We motioned a year ago that funds raised for the 2020 seniors would not go in to the general fund, that they would be set aside for their celebration. Since that time, money was used for t-shirts and lawn signs, and a special full-page ad in the Northeaster was purchased. It is unclear how much of the original funds remain for the 2020 grads. In any regard, the 2020 class will be polled to see if there’s wide interest, and hopefully some additional 2020 parents could help plan the event.

The yearbook photography stipend was discussed at length. Paige Haggerty volunteered to take photos for the yearbook. She has been taking pictures all year. Her efforts should be rewarded, but we concluded that the EAC doesn’t have the capacity to oversee this process. The IRS limit for stipends is $600 before it’s considered taxable wages. It was decided that the administration needs to sort it out and be the responsible party. Billy will follow up with Paige, and an email will be sent to Eryn Warne and Ms. Odberg (yearbook teacher). A motion was passed to recommend that the school admin shall pay their volunteer stipend up to $600. The funds will be paid from the yearbook line item, which has a balance of around $1900. And speaking of the yearbook, it will likely be ready near the end of the school year.

The Senior Carnival will be June 5, 7-11pm. The signup has general categories of setup and tear-down. Jobs will be delegated on site to run everything smoothly. Some paid staff will be present to help as well. Planning is coming along nicely.

The Blue Gold Banquet will be held June 7. Evites were sent out. It will be a hybrid event, with athletes and coaches present. It will be live streamed for the families. 

Tommie Fit Club changed its price from $30 to $40 for their summer program.

EAC meetings will be held over the summer for interested people to discuss special projects or to spark conversations for next year. The next meeting will be June 21 at 6:30.

This may be my last gig as EAC secretary as my kids are graduating! It’s been a pleasure to give my time. 

April 19, 2021 Minutes:

  • A motion was passed to approve the softball grant request of $500 to replenish equipment that was misplaced during the sudden Covid shutdown.
  • A motion was passed to support the football youth Tommie camp from the youth grant funds. The grant request was $747.60 for Tommie memorabilia footballs for the camp participants. The Edison football program is developing a feeder program through summer camps at Waite and Logan parks. The youth funds is a special line item managed by the EAC that uses donated and designated funds to support youth programs in the Edison attendance area.
  • Also this summer, Coach Knighton-Johnson and others are developing a summer Tommie Fit program. This will be available to 7th-12th graders and cost $40. The program will be 4 days/week for June and July. Thirteen percent or $5/registration will go back to the EAC youth fund.

March 15, 2021 Minutes:

Be sure to check out Edison Theater’s presentation of Cyrano de Bergerac this Friday and Saturday at 7pm on Facebook Live!

  • During our March meeting, we discussed sports and end-of-year celebrations in a fairly unconventional year.
  • A request was presented to spend $500 from the EAC budget to replace 24 pairs of shoulder pads for the football team, which sparked a debate on equity. Although girls can participate in football, it is predominantly a boys’ sport, and far more money is spent toward football than, say, girls’ badminton. But admittedly football is a costly sport. To keep it safer, equipment needs to be addressed yearly. Pads, helmets, and nut cups all wear out. We will continue to keep equity in mind going forward, but the request was approved.
  • We then switched gears to end-of-year activities, including the Blue Gold Banquet, Senior All-Night Party, and graduation.
  • We anticipate having a Blue Gold Banquet. With strict district guidelines, it will likely be an outdoor event with a tent. It may be hybrid, with minimal in-person attendees, the athletes and coaches. Families could enjoy the livestream from home. A tentative date is the last Monday of the school year (June 7th). We think it would be beneficial to share the cost of tent rental by utilizing it for multiple end of year events. The bulk of the cost is set-up and teardown.
  • Holly discussed the Senior All-Night Party. It will probably not be an all-nighter this year. Ideally the kids would have the tent and field access, which is fenced, so therefore pretty well contained. It would be a ticketed affair, to help with crowd control. There were some concerns raised by Brett McNeal with using the main field vs the practice field and potential scheduling issues. A likely date for the party would be Sat, June 5th.
  • Graduation is listed in the academic calendar as June 8th. It is, however, a little bit in the air. The school is working closely with the CDC guidelines and the district to come up with a safe plan. They are looking at various proposals. It was only a recent consideration to be able to have a non-virtual ceremony. The next few weeks will solidify the possibilities. If we hold an outdoor ceremony, it would be more challenging, from parking and traffic to security. (We are not working with Mpls police). Regardless, announcements will be made through the district communication soon.
  • Other year-end events we are anticipating are prom (Dave Salzer’s government class is looking into this), the senior scholarship reception, and various picnics.
  • We are looking at how to organize these multiple events, utilizing a right-size tent. Between the EAC budget and the All-Night Party balance, there would be enough to cover the rental (@$2000?)
  • At our next meeting, Mon Apr 19 at 6:30, one topic is a potential separate event for the Class of 2020.
  • Be aware that Spring Sports sign-up is happening now online. Check out the Edison website (click “Athletics” at the top menu) for a link.
  • Enjoy spring break! Stay safe out there!!

February 15, 2021 Minutes:

We approved two grants tonight:

  • $98 for smoke detector batteries to accompany an ETSN educational piece.
  • $500 for track pants to continue to outfit the boys soccer/track team

As COVID continues, we discussed events that traditionally occur during the second part of the year including the Senior All Night Party, Soup-tacular and Blue-Gold Athletic Banquet.

  • Fortunately, we don’t need to fundraise this spring because the Telethon was successful, and the All Night Party has funds reserved. 
  • We will by-pass making any soup-tacular plans for this year. 
  • We discussed alternatives to our traditional events but remain optimistic that we will be able to create something for students. 
  • We talked about outdoor options, and the benefit of potentially coordinating so we can share amenities (such as tent rental).
  • We also discussed the distinction between state public health guidance/executive orders and school district decisions, and how the EAC can navigate between them. 
  • We agreed creating some flexibility in our plans will lead to the strongest likelihood of implementation.
  • There was general agreement that the EAC has a role in creating/contributing to student activities this spring. 

Senior All Night Party:

  • A committee will be meeting over the next month to discuss options. Contact Holly Hatch-Surisook if you would like to join those conversations.
  • They will consider a range of options – from an outdoor event that lasts a few hours, to a tent rental, to exploring venue rental. 
  • Some traditions, such as a senior t-shirt can definitely happen. 
  • This group will talk more over the next month and come back to the March EAC meeting.

Blue Gold Banquet:

  • A committee will be meeting over the next month to discuss options. Contact Jenny Arneson if you would like to join those conversations.
  • We will consider a range of options – from the streaming event we created last year to an outdoor ceremony under a tent to the circumstances that would allow us to be indoors. 
  • We will consider the role of food.
  • We will perhaps incorporate options for other activities that in the past have been able to have their own events (i.e. arts)


  • Amy Hernandez and George Fischer have taken the lead in creating our website and Amy has added some useful content recently! 
  • They use wordpress and welcome additional people to offer editing/content skills
  • We do lack pictures but would love to add a spotlight section on the website. Tag #edisontommies on your own social.
  • Contact Amy if you can share your talent in this area. 

Edison Merchandise:

  • Daniel Nierengarten reported that he and his special education program have been organizing Edison merchandise sales. They are looking to get out of the business and are interested in partnering more closely with the EAC to continue.
  • There is overall interest in creating an accessible and versatile merchandise program for Edison. 
  • There is general recognition that the school needs/wants to stay involved to provide some infrastructure (such as a distribution location), while the EAC can expand capacity and financial payment options.
  • We discussed the connection between our website growth and merch support. 
  • There is also recognition that we need to put thought into developing a sustainable system.
  • We will form a committee to continue discussions off-line. Join by contacting Daniel Nierengarten. 

Consider joining any of the committees as we get creative in supporting our students this spring!
Submitted by Jenny Arneson

January 18, 2021 Minutes:

In our January meeting, we voted on how to spend the proceeds from the Tommie Telethon. A motion was passed that we would add $2000 from the grants funding, for a total of $9000 for improvements. 

$5200 will go toward 3 new water stations. Achieve Mpls will fund a 4th station. Capital Improvements will cover the installation, which is a major part of the cost. It was determined that other schools (including North and Henry) have used parent group funding as part of the funding for building improvements such as this. So there is some precedent. Equity was a concern. What do the other schools do? How do they get nice things like this?Hafsa spoke on behalf of the government class and stated that the proposal for water stations will limit disruptions and tardiness, students won’t feel the need to buy water, which will reduce plastic waste and cost, and will promote drinking water. It is essential.

$1200 will go to new video streaming equipment and capability, which will allow families access to sporting events online. A Yang said the cameras are installed, and it’s fully automated! No volunteers are needed to run the equipment. And since it is EAC’s equipment, it will not be used solely for athletics.
$1300 will go to band, as a portion of their grant request for drum line gear. Since it will not fulfill the full price for the equipment, it will go toward repairs and maintenance.
$1300 will go to the Outdoor Club for camping gear. It was decided that we will hold a springtime drive. That will reduce the amount of funding needed to achieve their goals. Many of us have some spare gear we aren’t using!
$300 for props for video class will be funded from the usual grant line.
A request for warm-up pants did not meet the deadline. Athletics may be the department to organize this, anyway, since the EAC has no interest in managing pants. We do own some jerseys that are utilized for special summer sessions.
There was a push to make gathering pictures easily through social media. We discussed the use of #EdisonTommies as a great way to share events, and there is implicit permission if students are posting pictures themselves.
We have a few ideas for next meeting, including the Blue/Gold Banquet and how to celebrate this year, and the Senior All-Night Party. The next meeting may switch to Monday, Feb 8th. (Originally Feb 15th). Thoughts?

December 14, 2020 Minutes:

December’s meeting was focused on grant proposals to spend the Tommie Telethon proceeds. There is still time to submit a proposal. We will be collecting them until Jan 13. We will be discussing them and voting in our next meeting on Jan 18 at 6:30pm. 

These are the current proposals/ideas:
– Students from Dave Salzer’s government class enthusiastically  proposed 3 additional water/hydration stations in the school. The cost is $4200, which doesn’t include installation or maintenance. This could be a collaboration with the Green Team.
-Megan McClellan (boys’ soccer coach) pitched warm-up pants. They are off the rack from Dick’s, unisex/universal Adidas brand. Since they are not custom, they are a good price. And she received a $500 grant last year which was matched by a friend. 
-Brett McNeil had a few ideas:-creating historical banners for the lobby of the gym displaying past athletic achievements-a new scoreboard for the gym and the field-a press box-outside stereo equipment
Again, there is still the opportunity for more proposals until Jan 13th. Tell us what you think! 
If you are on a subcommittee, please email Jenny Rizer with the details so we can get a bit more organized.

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