Fundraising FAQs

Q: Can my Edison group start a fundraiser?

A: Yes it can! Keep in mind, all fundraising must be approved by administration. Complete a Fundraising Proposal Form and return to Jill Pohtilla at least three weeks prior to the date you’re targeting for your fundraiser. Please note: All money from fundraisers and dances must be turned in to the finance clerk daily and kept in the safe.

Q: How should my group go about hosting an event fundraiser?

A: In addition to completing a Fundraising Proposal Form, please note that space at Edison needs to be reserved. If your event is being held outside of school hours, it may also require engineer support and additional fees may apply.    

Q: Can my group sell products to raise money? Are there restrictions?

A: Yes, students can sell products to raise money for their group with a few restrictions. Since MPS encourages healthy lifestyles, Edison does not allow candy to be sold in the school building and food may not be sold during the lunch hour.

Q: Our group needs $200 for supplies. Can the EAC help with that?

A:  The EAC has funding available through grants and your organization can apply for up to $500 per year. Just complete this Grant Application Form at least one week prior to the next scheduled EAC meeting (generally held the third Monday of the month). Funds are awarded using these value guidelines. If your grant is approved, you can expect funds to be dispersed three months from the original request. 

Q: Can my group host a spaghetti dinner?

A: Hosting fundraising meals like pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners is allowed (and yummy!). If you use the kitchen facilities at Edison, MPS does require that your group hire a nutrition staff person to assist you during the event. MPS does not have rules about the type of food you serve. Groups may also look for space outside of Edison to host these events.

Q: Where can our group keep the profits from our fundraiser?

A: Groups can work with the school to arrange accounts. The Edison Activity Council (EAC) also exists to support extracurricular activities and will maintain accounts for groups (see EAC Bylaws).

QAre tax deductions available for donors?

A: The Edison Activity Council is a registered 501c3 and can offer a receipt for donors going through the EAC (following MN laws). Please make arrangements with the EAC treasurer prior to fundraising.

Q. I heard you can earn money for nonprofits by shopping at Amazon?

A. That’s correct! Just go to next time you do any Amazon shopping. Once there, select “Edison Activity Council” as your charity by searching or scrolling underneath the search bar at the top of the page. Every time you shop through AmazonSmile, a small percentage of every purchase will be donated to the EAC.

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