Apply for a Grant

The EAC exists to support student life at Edison. As part of that mission, the EAC awards funds to groups within the Edison community who provide extracurricular or enrichment opportunities for students. 

The EAC is made up of parents, students, staff, and others invested in Edison—the very community we serve. The funding from these grants come from our joint fundraising efforts and by the nominal fees paid by groups who maintain individual accounts with the EAC. Thus, we expect that Edison groups requesting money in turn support the EAC. Groups can demonstrate support by actively participating in our annual fundraising efforts and/or maintaining an account with our organization when they raise funds independently. 

The EAC also supports local youth organizations. Youth organizations requesting funds must be based in the Edison attendance area (NE/SE) and focus on helping youth stay active and connected to their community high school, Edison.

To apply for a grant:

  1. Make a copy of this  Grant Application Form (or download it) and complete it. 
  2. Submit the request to the EAC via email to  

Please allow at least a week turnaround for requests and treasurer activity. Those submitting proposals less than a week prior to the EAC’s monthly meeting (generally the 3rd Monday of the month) are not guaranteed placement on the agenda.

Plan a Fundraiser

Before kicking off your fundraiser, make sure to get approval from school administration. Complete the Fundraising Proposal Form (you can download, print and save the form) and return it to Lisa Tucci for review by Principal Warne at least three weeks prior to your prospective fundraiser date. Note: Upon approval, the staff in charge of the fundraiser will work with Principal Warne to develop a secure and transparent accounting procedure. Have questions? Check out our Fundraising FAQs.

Cub Foods Grocery Bagging:

Due to COVID-19, the bagging fundraising opportunity has been put on hold at the Quarry Cub Foods with no indication when/if it will resume. However, teams and groups may have the opportunity to bag for tips at the Cub Foods in St. Anthony. Coaches and group leaders can call either store for status and details.

Leaf Raking:

Look for the annual leaf raking fundraiser in fall. Groups and teams can sign up to rake leaves for a suggested donation per yard. Northeast neighbors get their yard raked, Tommie teams and groups earn money—it’s a win-win!

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