Apply for a Grant

Hey Tommies! The EAC has money for your club, group or team. To apply for a grant (up to $500/year), complete this Grant Application Form at least one week prior to the next scheduled EAC meeting (usually the third Monday of the month). Funds are awarded using these value guidelines. If your grant is approved, you can expect funds to be dispersed three months from the original request. 

Plan a Fundraiser

Before kicking off your fundraiser, make sure to get approval from school administration. Complete the Fundraising Proposal Form and return it to Jill Pohtilla  at least three weeks prior to your prospective fundraiser date. Have questions? Check out our Fundraising FAQs. Note: All money from fundraisers and dances must be turned in to the Edison finance clerk daily and kept in the safe.

Cub Foods Grocery Bagging:

Throughout the year, you may have the opportunity to bag groceries for tips at the Quarry Cub Foods (remember: eggs on top!). Please read our Bagging Guidelines for more information. Coaches and group leaders: Sign up for this fundraising opportunity by choosing your preferred shift  and adding the name of your team/group and chaperone who will be supervising.

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